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Mikis Theodorakis talks about Vasilis Tsitsanis

Mikis Theodorakis talks about Vasilis Tsitsanis

Mikis Theodorakis talks about Vasilis Tsitsanis in this video from a historic moment in 1983. In August 1983, a tribute to Vasilis Tsitsanis was organized in Athens. In this video we watch a part of Theodorakis’ speech about Tsitsanis. It is a very touching speech and a very significant one. Theodorakis starts by saying how […]

A manly zeibekiko dance

A manly zeibekiko dance

We present here a manly zeibekiko dance. A video with a man dancing a “magkiko” dance, as we would say in Greece, with the soul and spirit of a true man. NOTE. The dance starts 50 seconds after the beginning of the videoclip. We cannot communicate the meaning of the word “magkas” in English, because […]

love songs valentine

Greek love songs for Valentine’s Day

How many Greek love songs for Valentine’s day can you think of? The truth is that the list of Greek songs for love, passion, desire and everything between is endless, simply because Greek people are sentimental and not afraid to express their feelings to their fullest. Greek songs for Valentine’s day Countless Greek songs have been […]

greek songs for christmas

Greek songs for Christmas

There is a wide array of Greek songs for Christmas today, ranging from traditional songs of Greek music to popular alternative versions of known foreign songs and Greek funny or instrumental songs. Of course, the first thing that comes to our mind when referring to Greek songs for Christmas and New Year are the Greek […]


Traditional Stringed Instruments in Greek Music

There are numerous stringed instruments in Greek music since the antiquity. Most of these traditional music instruments have been adding to the harmony of the traditional and folk Greek music, and have been used by musicians for decades. Most of these instruments originate from the ancient Greek music or from the folk tradition. Here, we […]

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Entechni Greek Music – Entechna Greek Songs

If you like Greek music, you are most likely to listen to Entechni Greek music, one of the most common and popular types of Greek music. Entechni music (entechni mousiki) and entechna songs (entechna tragoudia) are translated to “artistic music” and “artistic songs” respectively, although this translation does not really communicate its real meaning. The […]

museum of greek music instruments in athens greece

Museum of Greek Music Instruments in Athens

The museum of Greek music instruments is located in Athens, in the district of Plaka in the historical center of the city of Athens. The collection of the museum of Greek music instruments consists of 1200 known and less popular music instruments from the mainland of Greece and the Greek islands, dating from the 16th […]


Museum of Ancient Greek Music Instruments in Katakolon

The museum of Ancient Greek music instruments operates in Katakolon Greece, a famous port of call for cruise ships close to ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. The museum of Ancient Greek music instruments is housed in the same building as the museum of ancient Greek technology and provides us with useful information […]

pontian music

The Pontian Music – Greek Music from Pontus

Pontian Music refers to the Greek music genre created by the Greeks of Pontus. Pontian Music is also called Pontic Music. Pontos or Pontus is the land of the frontiersmen of the Greek nation, where a very interesting musical tradition was born and developed thousands of years ago.  The Greek songs of the Pontic people […]


Greek music for Christmas and New Year

Although Greek music covers a wide range of genres, Greek music for Christmas and the New Year is not as popular as expected. Most of the songs heard during the Christmas period – including the New Year and other smaller festive days are Greek translations of famous English songs such as “Silent Night”, ” O […]

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Sirtaki dance, the popular Greek Sirtaki or Syrtaki

Sirtaki (alternatively spelled syrtaki) is one of the most popular Greek dances. Opposite to common belief, sirtaki is not a traditional Greek dance , but was created and choreographed with the use of specific elements belonging to other types of Greek dance. Sirtaki is actually the name given to the combination of various Hasapika dances. In […]

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Surviving bouzoukia in Greece

Bouzoukia, as an institution in the nightlife in Greece, are connected with a whole culture. Surviving bouzoukia in Greece is not difficult, but you might be little shocked at first, because in some cases bouzoukia are synonymous to vulgarity. Here is a short Survival Guide for Bouzoukia in Greece. Making Reservations for Bouzoukia Clubs If […]

bouzoukia in greece

Greek Bouzoukia

Greek Bouzoukia, the bouzoukia music clubs in Greece and Greek nightlife You have probably heard of the famous Greek nightlife, the Greek bouzoukia, nightclubs with laika music where Greeks are partying all night long. The term bouzoukia comes from the name of the famous Greek instrument, the bouzouki. Since these nightclubs base their music playlist […]

tsifteteli dance


Tsifteteli is the Greek belly dance. Tsifteteli follows a rhythm  common all over the middle east. The name tsifteteli is turkish and comes from chifteteli, which originally meant “two strings”. A typical tsifteteli is not performed by a single belly dancer in a Rhine-stone costume, but by a massive number of dancers populating the dance […]


Greek bouzouki

The famous Greek bouzouki The bouzouki is by far the most recognizable and distinctive Greek music instrument. Bouzouki is written as mpouzouki (μπουζούκι) in Greek, but the true sound of the word is closer to bouzouki than mpouzouki. Bouzouki is a stringed instrument, which belongs to the family of the long-necked lutes. Instruments of a […]