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alkaios opa eurovision final

Greece came 8th in Eurovision 2010

Giorgos Alkaios and Greece came 8th in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. Greece participated in the Eurovision contest with Giorgos Alkaios and the song OPA, gathering 140 points in total. The winner of the 2010 Eurovision contest was Germany with the song Satellite sung by the young Lena. The song OPA managed to attract attention […]

giorgos alkaios at the Eurovision Final

Giorgos Alkaios and Greece at the Eurovision Final 2010

Giorgos Alkaios with his song  OPA and Greece made it and took the ticket for the final of the Eurovision song contest on May 29th 2010. Giorgos Alkaios sang OPA in the first semifinal, in a rather impressive and dynamic appearance that managed to fascinate the spectators  in the Telenor Arena and the TV viewers […]

Eurovision song contest 2010

Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010

The Eurovision Song Contest 2010 will be held in Oslo Norway on the 25th-27th and 29th  of May 2010. According to the schedule, Greece is to appear in the first semifinal that will take place on May 25th. Is the Greek song Opa going to advance to the final? We will know it a little […]

Opa - Giorgos Alkaios and Friends

Opa – Giorgos Alkaios and Friends

Giorgos Alkaios and Friends sing Opa, a Greek song with a distinctive Greek title, which is going to represent Greece to the Eurovision song Contest in Oslo in late May 2010. Opa is a word that cannot be translated; it’s a sound known in the Balkan countries, although for different reasons. Opa in Greece is […]