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dantis gets married with voutsinou

Christos Dantis will get married for the 4th time

Christos Dantis will get married for the 4th time! Christos Dantis and his  beloved Jenny Voutsinou are inseparable. The famous couple has a beautiful girl and is expected to get married the summer of 2012; and why not? They are more in love than ever. Following Dantis' divorce  with Flora Theodorou, the renowned singer is getting ready for his marriage with his significant other and the two of them spend as much […]

To palio mou palto - Christos Dantis

Christos Dantis sings To palio mou palto, a Greek song that means My old coat. It is a ballad, a love song actually, although the first reading or hearing of the verses doesn't remind us of a typical love song. To palio mou palto is a song about an old self, that we all tend […]