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Tis ginaikas i kardia - Stratos Dionysiou

Stratos Dionysiou sings Tis ginaikas i kardia, a Greek song which translates to "The woman's heart" in English. Tis ginaikas i kardia or tis gynaikas i kardia is a classic song, a very popular song in Greece among men mostly, who have suffered from a woman. After all, in Greece we say that there are […]

Vrehei fotia sti strata mou - Stratos Dionysiou

Stratos Dionysiou sings¬†Vrehei fotia sti strata mou, one of the most beloved and popular Greek songs, which means "It's raining fire on my way". Vrehei fotia sti strata mou is probably one of the best zeibekika songs ever written and it was first heard in a popular Greek movie called "Oratotis Miden" - which means […]