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zorba the greek movie with greek music

Greek Music in Movies

Greek Music in movies has been more popular abroad than most Greeks believe; in fact, many foreign movies have enhanced their story with Greek music and songs that have gained international recognition. Movies have been the perfect vehicle to make Greek Music known worldwide. Up to a point, most foreigners believed that Greek music was […]

Afti i nyhta menei - Dimitra Papiou

Afti i nyhta menei – Dimitra Papiou

Dimitra Papiou sings Afti I nyhta menei, a Greek song, a music theme of the movie with the same title, which means in English “This Night Remains” Does life mean anything without love? Do we look for love, do we hide from it, do we let it seize our soul with no constrains, do we […]

Agapi pou gines – Melina Mercouri

Agapi pou gines – Melina Mercouri

Melina Mercouri sings “Agapi pou ‘gines dikopo mahairi”, a Greek song meaning “Love, turned into a double-edged dagger”. The song was performed in the Greek movie “Stella”, one of the most characteristic movies in Melina’s career. “Agapi pou ‘gines” is one of the best songs from one of the best Greek movies. And of course, […]