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C'est la vie - Despoina Vandi

Despoina Vandi sings the song C'est la vie with English Lyrics, a song written and composed by Foivos. Does the song sound familiar? Obviously! It is the English version of an older song by Despoina called "Simera" (today). C'est la vie borrows its title from the famous French phrase used all over the world to […]

Sunday - Despoina Vandi Ft. Schiller

Despoina Vandi sings the song Sunday composed by the famous DJ Schiller. This is an important step to make some Greek singers more known abroad. As it was expected and announced, the song Sunday is released, marking the collaboration of one of the most important Djs in the world. "Sunday" is the first single that […]

Koritsi Prama - Despoina Vandi

Despoina Vandi sings Koritsi Prama, a Greek song which means "A girl thing" in English. The song Koritsi Prama is written and composed by Foivos, who used all his wittiness to describe the general social status of women in Greece; actually, the phrase Koritsi prama is a commonly used phrase, mostly by elder people who […]

Kalanta - Despoina Vandi

Despoina Vandi sings Kalanta, a Greek song composed by Foivos which means "Carols" and refers to the Christmas Carols traditionally sung during the holidays in Greece. It is in accordance to the Greek tradition to open the door to children on Christmas Eve and New Year's eve in order to listen to the Carols, which […]

Kosmotheoria - Elli Kokkinou

Elli Kokkinou sings Kosmotheoria, a Greek song written by Foivos, which in English means "World Theory". Kosmotheoria practically means universe and world theory and is a word used by the Greeks referring to the mentality and attitude towards life, a way of living. This mentality changes when we are in love; we don't care "Where […]

Geia - Despina Vandi

Despina Vandi sings Geia, a Greek Song in both English and Greek Lyrics, which translates to "Hi" in English. The song Geia, written by Foivos, is one of the most known and popular songs that Vandi ever sung, with a good impact abroad as well, especially in English charts. The song "Geia" owes its great […]

Savvato - Giorgos Mazonakis

Giorgios Mazonakis sings “Savvato”, a Greek song which in English means “Saturday”. Another laika song, about love, loss and loneliness. Ah, that terrible clock of loneliness! What does time mean when we are alone and we long for our lost love? Days look like each other – empty and meaningless, and only get names back […]

Lathos Anthropos - Despina Vandi

Despina Vandi sings Lathos Anthropos, a Greek song which is English means “The Wrong Guy”. Lathos anhropos is considered a laiko song, in a modern way. Well, well, well…Why it happens, and why it happens again…and again. “I found again the wrong guy to love”! What is behind that pattern of our heart that leads […]