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Skoni kai thrypsala - Stefanos Korkolis

Skoni kai thrypsala – Stefanos Korkolis

Stefanos Korkolis sings¬†Skoni kai thrypsala, a Greek song which translates to “Dust and Pieces” in English. Skoni kai thrypsala is composed by Stefanos Korkolis himself and the lyrics are written by Evi Droutsa. Korkolis is definitely one of the most talented Greek composers, who can also sing his songs perfectly. Skoni kai thrypsala is the […]

Protopsalti korkolis european tour 2010

Alkistis Protopsalti and Stefanos Korkolis European Tour 2010

The wonderful voice of Alkistis Protopsalti and the magic hands of Stefanos Korkolis come together in a recital full of delightful melodies from old and new Greek songs in the European Tour 2010. The two great performers from Greece join their forces and will depart together for a tour in Europe for ¬†One voice and […]