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Pano Apo Ola - Myronas Stratis

Pano Apo Ola - Myronas Stratis

Myronas Stratis sings Pano Apo Ola, a Greek song which translates to "More than anything" in English. Myronas Stratis is a new singer, a young man who has managed to impress with his vocal abilities but also his performances, as he is pretty dynamic and vivid on stage. Pano Apo Ola is a love song […]


Pano ap'ola - Mironas Stratis

Mironas Stratis sings Pano ap'ola, a Greek song that means┬áMore than anything in English. It's a nice and dynamic love song, very popular among young Greeks right now. Mironas Stratis is anyway a young musician who came to the Greek Music Scene and made some serious impact with his refreshing but still familiar looks and […]