Agapi – Christos Thivaios

Christos Thivaios sings Agapi, a lovely Greek song that means “Love” in English. Agapi was the main theme in one of the most successful  TV series in Greece a few years ago, called “O megalos thimos”, which means “the great anger”.

Agapi is a song that proves us that both happiness and pain can give birth to such nice songs. Pain makes us more introverted and allows us to search within ourselves, discover our needs and demands, the things that make us happy and those that cause pain. And it’s this pain that sometimes becomes a trigger for the creation of such amazing songs, like Agapi that we hear from the porous and deep voice of Christos Thivaios.

Music: Vassilis Dimitriou
Lyrics: Katina Paizi
Performed by: Christos Thivaios


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