Ah Ellada s agapo – Nikos Papazoglou

Nikos Papazoglou sings Ah Ellada s agapo, a famous Greek song which means “Ah Greece, I love you”.

It sounds a little weird to hear “Ah Ellada s agapo” now, not only because it suits totally the condition existing in Greece today (2011), but also because the two main creators of the song, Manolis Rassoulis and Nikos Papazoglou passed away these days, with a month difference.

Ah Ellada s agapo is a song that describes the contradictions of Greece in the best way; we love this country so much, we cannot live without it, but at the same time we cannot stand it really… The feelings are mutual – what can this country do without its people?? But again…how is it possible that it’s the same country that “betrays” its children?

Regardless of everything though, we cannot help it but thank this country for giving us birth, and an ideal backdrop to grow up in; at the end of the day we are proud and happy for being born here, despite our problems. So, as Rassoulis wrote, we can only say “Ah Ellada s’agapo”.. and I deeply thank you, because you taught me how to go on breathing wherever I happen to be…

A truly great Greek song, by two major Greek artists: Nikos Papazoglou and Manolis Rasoulis

Ah Ellada s agapo 

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