Ah Koritsi mou – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Ah Koritsi mou by Giannis Ploutarchos translated to English

Ah koritsi mou – English Lyrics

I missed you tonight you will learn it
when you will arrive secretly i’ll tell it to you
I was waiting for you to come and to look me in the eyes
to ask you whatever i desire

Ah my girl
At the beats of my heart
Dance tonight
Dress my body with angel’s wings
To reach till the door of heaven

Ah my girl
Yours all the hidden things of my soul
I hid them in nights without dawn
So that nobody sees them, only you

I was waiting so much time for you
To come in my life, to appear
I am waiting for you i was shouting you here
To stay, don’t pass and go away

Ah Koritsi mou 

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