Alitaki batiraki – Aliki Vougiouklaki

The great Greek actress Aliki Vougiouklaki sings Alitaki batiraki, a Greek song which translates to Poor little vagrant boy in English. The song was originally heard in the movie I arhontissa kai o alitis, one of the most known and popular movies with Aliki and her partner at the time Dimitris Papamichail.

Aliki Vougiouklaki plays the role of a rich woman, whose fate is pre-determined by her father, since she has to get married to a very rich man, to join their fortunes. She decides to escape, but when her father sets a reward for the one who tracks her down, she dresses as a boy and escapes the island. She meets a poor guy who wants to find a better life and falls in love with him. The song Alitaki batiraki is sung in the movie to describe their financial situation, but also their freedom, since there are no strings attached.

Aliki had her own way of singing; she was a star – maybe some people do not agree that she was really talented in acting, but she managed to become the greatest star in popular Greek movies and probably the most known Greek actress of all times, symbol of a rather free spirited and laid back Greece. She was the one who decided to combine singing and acting in her movies, and the result was that these songs have contributed to her myth, becoming trademarks of her movies career.

The lyrics of Alitaki batiraki are written by Dinos Dimopoulos and the music by Nikos Mamagkakis.

Alitaki batiraki 

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