Anoites Agapes – Pyx Lax

Pyx Lax sing Anoites Agapes, a Greek song which translates to “Stupid Loves” in English.

Anoites agapes is one of the most beloved songs written by Pyx Lax,  the most successful and popular band in the history of Greek music.

Anoites Agapes is a song about all these affairs that have absolutely no meaning in our life. Kisses, promises and loves that exist without a reason, just because sometimes we need to fill a gap, to give our life a temporary meaning, even if we know that this is not what we really want.

But sometimes, when feeling lonely, people make bad decisions and allow other people to enter their lives, people, who normally would never be their choices. This is a series of stupid loves, stupid kisses, nights without name, nights without purpose.

The song Anoites Agapes is a rock ballad, a non typical love song which made a huge impact upon release and became an instant hit in Greece.

It is still considered one of the best songs ever sang by Pyx Lax and although the band doesn’t exist any more in its original form, many lovers of Greek music remember it as one of the greatest rock bands that has ever appeared in Greece.

Anoites Agapes 

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