Apopse se thelo – Marinella

Marinella sings Apopse se thelo, a famous Greek song which translates to “Tonight I want you”.

Apopse se thelo is a legendary love song in Greece, written by Lefteris Papadopoulos and composed by Mimis Plessas. It seems that once upon a time in Greek music, there were some really amazing collaborations of distinguished lyric writers and composers that made a hug difference when creating songs.

Apopse se thelo stood out from the first moment because of its bold lyrics and the fact that a woman was singing it. During the 60s, it was rather odd for a woman to sing something like “I want you so much tonight” , because it was not considered correct, however, it’s the power of Marinella’s voice that makes it so unique and so acceptable at the same time.

It should be denoted that the overall feeling of the song is very loving and sensational at the same time; it’s as if someone is demanding what she thinks is necessary for her, as if love is the only healing thing. The body is dead without you, sings Marinella… Just think how many times you have felt that your significant other is necessary to you so as to breathe and feel alive…

Apopse se thelo was included in Marinella’s album Otan simanei esperinos in 1969. Other notable versions are from Alkistis Protopsalti and Kostas Makedonas.

Apopse se thelo 

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