Sakis Rouvas awarded Greek of the Year

Sakis Rouvas received the award “Greek of the Year” for his humanitarian offer and help in an emotional atmosphere. Visibly moved, Sakis Rouvas received the award for his contribution to the Association “Hope” (Elpida) during the 11th award for “Men … Read more

Dionysis Savvopoulos presents Theogony on Stage

Dionysis Savvopoulos will be presenting Theogonia (Hesiod’s Theogony) on stage in February and March 2012. From 19 / 2 and every Saturday and Sunday, Savvopoulos will go up the renovated stage of the historic theater Acropole, with stories for all … Read more

First picture of Rouvas’ son

The first picture of Rouvas junior is out ! A few days ago, Sakis Rouvas with his beloved Katia Zygouli and their two children went for a walk close to their home in Nea Makri (40km away from Athens). Αs … Read more

Christos Dantis will get married for the 4th time

Christos Dantis will get married for the 4th time! Christos Dantis and his  beloved Jenny Voutsinou are inseparable. The famous couple has a beautiful girl and is expected to get married the summer of 2012; and why not? They are more in love than ever. Following Dantis’ divorce  with Flora Theodorou, … Read more

When Manos Hadjidakis refused the Oscar…

Few people actually know that Manos Hadjidakis refused the Oscar Award in 1960. We all know that Hadjidakis got the Academy Award for the music of the movie “Never on Sunday”, but few people know that he refused to accept … Read more

Eleftheria Arvanitaki talks about her career

Eleftheria Arvanitaki talks about her career, pointing out three major chapters of her music career. Arvanitaki gave an interview to an Athenian newspaper talking about important parts of her career in Greek music. Arvanitaki and Opisthodromiki Compania ” It was … Read more

End credits for Anna Vissi reality show

End credits for Anna’s Vissi reality show “Oso echo foni” fell a few days ago  and the TV climate in the finale of the show was as emotional, just as it should, but also as befits to a reality program that respects itself! We remind you that … Read more

Happy Nameday to Giannis Parios

Happy Nameday to Giannis Parios, the Greek singer of love! Giannis Parios celebrates his nameday on January 7th, since it is the day of Agios Ioannis (St John) in Greece. You can read here more about name Giannis. Giannis Parios … Read more

Happy Nameday to Vasilis Papakonstantinou

Happy Nameday to Vasilis Papakonstantinou! The first day of the year, January 1st is the day of Agios Vasilis, (St Basil) in Greece, therefore, men named Vasilis celebrate their nameday on January 1st. You can read here more about the … Read more

Elena Paparizou will spend Christmas alone

Elena Paparizou  will spend Christmas holidays alone this year, as she admitted. Well, not completely alone,  but together with her family. This year Christmas will find Elena with her family and the five godchildren. They will decorate the Christmas tree together and she will be … Read more

Happy Nameday to Anna Vissi

Happy Nameday to Anna Vissi! Anna is definitely one of the most popular and beloved Greek singers, counting 30 years in Greek music. On December 9th, Anna celebrates her nameday, since according to the Greek Orthodox Calendar it is the … Read more

Happy Nameday to Nikos Vertis

Happy Nameday to Nikos Vertis! The nameday of Nikos is on December 6th, the day of St Nicholas, which is a very important nameday in Greece, due to the connection of the Greeks to the patron saint of sailors. Nikos … Read more

Despoina Vandi talks about love and her childhood

Despoina Vandi talks about love, her childhood and refers to the social racism that she experienced in her early years. Despoina Vandi, who is one of the most popular Greek singers today, gave an interview talking about happiness, love, passion, … Read more

Haris Alexiou tribute to Nino Rota

One of the greatest events in Greek music in October 2011 was the tribute to Nino Rota by Haris Alexiou. It was a series of five nights at the “Theatron”, the theatrical stage of the the Foundation of the Hellenic … Read more

Top 10 Greek songs for October 2011

Here are the Top 10 Greek songs for  October 2011! October is usually the first month of the new “music” season in Greece, with lots of new releases. The last few years it’s typical for many artists to release CD … Read more

Happy Nameday to Marios Frangoulis

Happy Nameday to Marios Frangoulis, the famous Greek singer and tenor! On November 21st, men bearing the Greek name Marios celebrate their nameday, thus, we would like to wish Marios Frangoulis, Chronia Polla for his nameday! Marios Frangoulis is one … Read more

The love affair of Hatzigiannis and Makrypoulia

The love affair between Michalis Hatzigiannis and Zeta Makrypoulia is alive and kicking! Although both Hatzigiannis and Makrypoulia do not talk about this love affair, their relationship is of great interest for the Greek public. Recently, during an interview for … Read more

Nana Mouskouri and Friends – New Album

Nana Mouskouri and Friends: this is the title of the new, upcoming music album with duets by Nana Mouskouri which will be released on November 21st in the Greek and European market. The name of the new album will be … Read more

Sakis Rouvas gets emotional with his son

Sakis Rouvas got emotional with his newborn son! The fourth member of Rouvas’ family came to this world a few days ago, since Katia Zigouli, the wife of Sakis Rouvas gave birth to their son with a Ceasarian section. Sakis … Read more

Happy Nameday to Michalis Hatzigiannis

November 8th is the nameday of Michalis, a popular Greek name, and being a Greek Cypriot, Michalis Hatzigiannis is  celebrating his nameday as well. We are sure that Michalis has more than one reason to be happy and celebrate his … Read more

Reality show with Anna Vissi

A new reality show with Anna Vissi is hosted in Greek TV these days; it is called “Oso eho foni” (As long as I have a voice) and reveals us the life of the famous Greek singer Anna Vissi. Oso … Read more

Giannis Parios Tour in Australia 2011

After 22 years of absence, Giannis Parios returns to Australia for a tour in November 2011. Parios will be giving concerts in the major cities of Australia along with his son Haris Varthakouris. The singer of love is setting off … Read more

X Factor USA interested in Sakis Rouvas

Is the American X Factor interested in Sakis Rouvas? According to a news post that referred to the conference of journalists with the manager Giorgos Leventis, it seems that X Factor USA officials have been following Sakis Rouvas in the … Read more

Haris Alexiou Australia Tour 2011

Haris Alexiou returns after 17 years to Australia for a tour to the biggest cities of the country. After a sellout winter season in Greece and a spectacular European tour, Alexiou will be performing in November in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. … Read more

Nana Mouskouri – Songs from the Greek Islands

Nana Mouskouri returns to discography with the album “Tragoudia apo ta Ellinika Nisia – Nana Mouskouri and Friends”, which translates to “Songs from the Greek islands”. The album Songs from the Greek islands is dedicated to the Greek traditional music … Read more

Top 10 Greek songs in September 2011

There are few changes in the chart of the Top 10 Greek songs in September 2111 compared to August 2011. There are quite a few new additions, surprisingly. We expected that the majority of the Greek songs in August Top … Read more

Top 10 Greek songs in August 2011

Curious about the Top 10 Greek song charts? Here we are presenting the top 10 of the most popular Greek songs in August 2011, trying to inform you on what is hot in Greek music at any given moment. We … Read more

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