De thelo pia na ksanartheis – Mairi Linda

Mairi Linda sings the song De thelo pia na ksanartheis, a Greek song which means I don’t want you to come ever again.

The song De thelo pia na ksanartheis, is a classic Greek song, belonging to laika songs; however, it represents the genre of the light laika (elafrolaika) Greek songs, whose main composer was Manolis Chiotis, the composer of this song as well. Manolis Chiotis and Mairi Linda used to be a couple, both on stage and in life, till the death of the great composer.

Manolis Chiotis added all his talent to this song; typical Greek bouzouki along with latin sounds and an oriental feeling that blend harmoniously. The song  De thelo pia na ksanartheis is a perfect example of his songs: a rather sad meaning in a rhythmic and pleasant sound.

Indeed, the song De thelo pia na ksanartheis talks about the end of love, about a final break up but the rhythm makes you feel like dancing it!

De thelo pia na ksanartheis 

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