Den eimai ego – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Den eimai ego by Giannis Parios translated to English

Den eimai ego – English lyrics

Who is laughing, it’s not me
Who’s hurting, it’s not me
Who’s talking, who is yelling at silence to move ahead
Who can stand to forget you
Who’s telling you I love you every night
it’s not me , it’s not me

it’s not me
someone else is calling you, someone else is judging you
someone else is leading you to the void

Someone else commands you and puts you in hell
someone else (is) at the end, it’s not me

Who’s paying, it’s not me
Who’s charging, it’s not me
Who’s bleeding, who is the victim of the most beautiful deception
Who’s scared all the time that something might happen to you
Who’s telling you “don’t be afraid, I am here”
it’s not me , it’s not me

Den eimai ego 

2 thoughts on “Den eimai ego – English lyrics”

  1. This voice this song excite me so deeply that I can’t help playing and playing again with the same excitement. Thank you Yiannis Parios, you’re a marvellous performer.

  2. I agre with you 100%..his voice is uniqe….his interpretation..phrases…emotion..
    He is one..can not be other like him..
    He has gift from God!


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