Den Thelo Na Ksereis – Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi sings “Den Thelo Na Ksereis” , a Greek song which  in English means  “I Don’t Want You to Know”. It is maybe one of the heaviest yet most wonderful Greek song about love, loss and – love, again!

When you are left behind, when your feelings bear an empty echo in your heart and soul, when you don’t “care if you live or die”, Anna comes and sings instead of you. And you sing along if your tears don’t tear you apart.

“I don’t want you to know” is a scream of the wounded heart, of the lonely soul, of someone who doesn’t want to admit anything that that love consists of and along the way admits exactly that – “I don’t want you to know… how much I love you, …that I’d do anything for you, (and of course)…that I am still living for you”.

Den Thelo Na Ksereis 

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