Dionysis Savvopoulos presents Theogony on Stage

Dionysis Savvopoulos will be presenting Theogonia (Hesiod’s Theogony) on stage in February and March 2012.

From 19 / 2 and every Saturday and Sunday, Savvopoulos will go up the renovated stage of the historic theater Acropole, with stories for all ages inspired by the “Theogony” of Hesiod.

The play includes songs and painted dreams, entitled “Making the New Year.” There will be musicians, singers, dancers and stilt walkers with him.

dionissis savvopoulos theogoniaIn his recent interview, Savvopoulos said:

“You are born a storyteller, you do not become one. But you become a grandfather. And the born storyteller Dionissis Savvopoulos became a grandfather, and as it seems this combination has borne fruit.

The project ‘To make the new year / fairy tale’ is like a new way to tell the Theogony of Hesiod, a fantastic tale.

A performance that typically is addressed to children. The project however is not just for kids. It’s a show about the joy of storytelling” he said .

“Because we all indulge to a good narrative, we let logic blur, remove doubts and return to the collective imagination, where time ceases to exist.

I learned a lot from my grandchildren telling them fairy tales,” says Dionysis Savopoulos.

“I learned how kids are. Insatiable. And they do not want to hear the same tale. I sat and thought in advance what to narrate”.

An hour before, in the foyer of the “Trianti Hall’ there will be two Karagiozis shows by shadow-theater Athos Danellis, while the stilt walkers will be welcoming the public.

Children are the most difficult audience. “They are the deepest fear of the narrator. If they get bored, they just get up and go. But I am also trained with my grandchildren now.”

The content of the “Theogony” will be “adapted”, incorporating pieces of other writers – and his own. ” Because you cannot try to narrate anything unless you first filter it yourself.”

In the finale, Savvopoulos will sing his old songs that children seem to like (“Synnefoula”, “Karagiozis”, etc.) and “new songs disguised as kids’ songs.”

The participating musicians are Stavros Lantsias, Yiotis Kiourtsoglou and actresses / singers Rinio Kyriazis, Fenia Papadodima.

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