Eisai oraia san amartia

Eisai oraia san amartia – Dimitris Mitropanos

Dimitris Mitropanos sings Eisai oraia san amartia, a Greek song which translates to “You are beautiful like a sin” composed by Stavros Kougioumtzis.

Eisai oraia san amartia is a classic laiko song, performed by one of the best Greek singers of laika songs in Greece.

Dimitris Mitropanos has a distinctive voice for this type of songs, and has marked Greek music as a singer of laika songs. This one gives him the chance to deploy all his talent and performing abilities.

It is a song about love, in a tender and “amateurish” way. There is a very tender and cute moment when we are in love; we cannot express it to the person of our desire, because of all this anxiety and nervousness involved.

Sometimes we feel that we might lose it in front of the one we love, especially when this person is independent, gorgeous and very successful in love. But in most of the cases, this person becomes the most important issue in our life, the center of our interest and being…

Greek music can express the feeling of love, insecurity and passion in a unique way, even with the simplest lyrics possible, just like the lyrics of Eisai oraia san amartia

Eisai oraia san amartia 

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