Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010

The Eurovision Song Contest 2010 will be held in Oslo Norway on the 25th-27th and 29th  of May 2010. According to the schedule, Greece is to appear in the first semifinal that will take place on May 25th. Is the Greek song Opa going to advance to the final? We will know it a little before the midnight of the 25th.

As the clock is ticking,the finishing touches to the Telenor Arena are on their way. Numerous people are working to make sure that everything will be perfect. The first delegations are about to arrive to the Norwegian Capital in a few days, in order to start with the rehearsals and the final preparations.

Greece in the 13th place of order in the Eurovision Semifinal 2010

Greece was drawn to appear in the 13th place in the order of appearance of the first semifinal, along with 16 more countries. Is the number 13 going to be lucky for Greece this year?  The competition is expected to be tough for Giorgos Alkaios and the song OPA, because he will have to beat some traditionally strong countries of the Eurovision Song Contest, such as Russia, Serbia, Estonia, Portugal, Malta, Finland and Iceland. We remind that the top 10 will proceed to the Final of the 29th of May.

This year both the televoters from the participant countries and a professional jury from each country will decide on the countries that will advance to the final, having a 50% stake each in the outcome.

So far the predictions are rather positive for Greece, suggesting that the song OPA will definitely be among the 10 than will advance to the final from the first semifinal, along with Poland, Serbia and Slovakia. The song has a rather Greek – Eastern rhythm which is obviously catchy for the Europeans, considered an ethnic entry.

Remember that if you are not residing in Greece, you can vote for the Greek participants on the first semifinal.

Eurovision song contest 2010

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