Happy Nameday to Anna Vissi

Happy Nameday to Anna Vissi! Anna is definitely one of the most popular and beloved Greek singers, counting 30 years in Greek music.

On December 9th, Anna celebrates her nameday, since according to the Greek Orthodox Calendar it is the day of Agia Anna (St Anna).

anna vissi balkan awardsAnna Vissi comes from Cyprus and has been dominating the Greek pop scene since the 70s. When she first appeared in Greek music she was singing entechna songs, and then turned to laika songs and pop, which were obviously her best genre.

Vissi’s meeting and marriage to Nikos Karvelas was more than decisif in her career, since Karvelas wrote and composed most of her songs, skyrocketing her career and giving the Greek audience some of the best songs in pop and modern laika music.

Anna Vissi stands out because she changed the notion of singing live on stage; she was the first Greek singer who decided to combine show with music. For many years, her live appearances were the talk of the year, due to her amazing ability to transform on stage, without compromising her voice standards at all. It comes as no surprise that her audience consists of people of all ages.

Once more, Happy Name day to Anna Vissi!

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