Hristougenna simainoun – Imiskoubria

Imiskoubria sing Hristougenna Simainoun (Christmas means), a rather unconventional Christmas song and a very “Greek” one, as it refers to the typical Greek mentality and way of living. There are many references in this song that might seem weird to someone not familiar with the Greek reality and every day life.

For instance there are references to personalities such as Galis or Petrelis (famous basketball player and singer respectively), Christmas shopping in the Athens market, clubbing and celebrating outside the house on Christmas Eve. Imiskoubria are famous for their funny and humorous way of expressing everything, commenting on the way of life of the Greeks.

Although not a typical Christmas song, the song from Imiskoubria is one of the funniest Greek songs to listen to even in these holy days!

Lyrics, music: Imiskoubria

Hristougenna simainoun 

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