I ballada ton aisthiseon kai ton paraisthiseon – Vassilis Lekkas

Vassilis Lekkas sings “I balada ton aisthiseon kai ton paraisthiseon“, a Greek song which means “The ballad of senses and illusions”, composed by Manos Hajdidakis.

In one of his most popular and touchy music adventure, Manos Hajdidakis magnificently played with notes and brought us a real feeling of illusion gripped delicately with senses and sensitivity… Could have Davarakis found more precise words to describe the moment when Scheherazade winces and the Truth comes in, and when they chase each other?!

“Now I am nude, I am feeling like a god, bright and strong”, interprets Lekkas the moment of revelation, and with fine sense of dramatic built-up deals with the illusion not letting us know more “about secret moments, about magic blaze…” We listen and sing along, without knowing are we embracing the illusion or truth

I ballada ton aisthiseon kai ton paraisthiseon 

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