Irthes – Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas sings “Irthes” a lovely Greek song about love, which translates to “You came” in English.

Opposite from most Greek songs that talk about losses, pain, loneliness, problems in relationships, infidelity and other similar nice things, Irthes is a rather optimistic and happy song, referring to the birth of love. A new love coming to our life is a birth, a new life, a new dream. New love can fill our soul with light, a simple smile can make our days and nights, being a gift from God. When love looks us in the eyes we feel that everything changes and that our life has a new meaning all of a sudden. It feels as if our life is worth more than before, simply because now we can share our moments, our passions, everything we like.

Sakis Rouvas has the ideal voice for such a tender and romantic song. Irthes is a song to dedicate to someone you love!

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