Kalimera s agapo – Christos Kiprianidis

Christos Kiprianidis sings Kalimera s agapo, a Greek song which translates to “Goodmorning I love you ” in English. It is a nice love song sung by a young singer from Thessaloniki.

Sometimes, the only thing we want is to remind the person we love that we are still here, waiting. And there is nothing more important than saying a simple goodmorning, i love you to the one we love. These tender words mean the world to lovers, since they symbolize the beginning of a new day, another loving day.

Even if a break up has occurred, nothing can be more tender, more sensitive and more loving than saying Kalimera s agapo; nothing can bring the other person back but these simple words that speak the truth.

“I needed to tell you
I needed you to hear it
Again this morning
To remember that I exist
That I am here for you”

sings Kiprianidis. In most cases, the deepest sentiments and feelings are found in the simplest words.  The lyrics are written by Giorgos Tsopanis and Elena Gkolema, and the music is composed by Giannis Papaioannou.

Kalimera s agapo 

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