Keravnos ki Astrapi – Pantelis Thalassinos

Pantelis Thalassinos sings Keravnos ki Astrapi, a Greek song which means in English “Thunder and Lighting”.

When all hopes faded except that last one, the one that neither heart nor mind know how to call, here it comes “Keravnos ki astrapi”. This melancholic song with lyrics that easily torment any soul that ever learned that love itself has its impossibilities is a personal rebel, a curse against everything and anything that could have come between two people. “Whose hand spilled ink.., which compass’ black needle…, which of the planet…”

When we know we were not to part with that other person, we meant to be together, but “like thunder and lighting”, “like a snake, a scorpion, a dagger” came that moment when everything went into pieces. All dreams, all hopes! Nothing else is left but to curse some forces and hope for angels.

Keravnos ki Astrapi 

  • Keravnos ki Astrapi - Pantelis Thalassinos

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