A manly zeibekiko dance

We present here a manly zeibekiko dance. A video with a man dancing a “magkiko” dance, as we would say in Greece, with the soul and spirit of a true man. NOTE. The dance starts 50 seconds after the beginning of the videoclip.

We cannot communicate the meaning of the word “magkas” in English, because it is a word that cannot be translated, but we will definitely try to express it and explain it.

The soul of the zeibekiko dancer

The zeibekiko (or zeimpekiko) cannot be easily danced. It has some steps, but it is mostly an improvisation. It is danced with an inner strength and sense that the dancer needs to know and respect. It is the physical expression of the despair of life, of the unfulfilled dream. It is the dance of the man who cannot put up with things and life anymore. It is the complaint of a soul that has not adapted to another class, status or dream.

The zeibekiko can never be danced in cold blood; and never as a hollow show. The dancer must first become capable to dance it,  he needs to let his emotions overwhelm him.

The real man is not ashamed to reveal his pain or weakness; he ignores the social conventions and shallow correctness. He sympathizes with the lyrics which express his own feelings, up to a certain extent , so he chooses the song he will dance and improvises in a very small space and with humble dignity. He doesn’t just jump right and left; he is in a state of devoutness. The zeibekiko does not make you a man; you have to be one to dance.

It’s a lonely dance. If injustice, love and pain disappear from this world, or if we find another way that men can express their feelings with so much beauty and kindness, then zeibekiko might be lost as well.

Watch this video from 0′:50″ and you will see a manly zeibekiko dance. As it should be danced and felt.

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  1. Everything I’ve seen, heard and enjoyed in Greek, in and outside Greece has touched my heart and soul like nothing else has. There is some mysterious beauty in this culture, this part of the world, cradle of western civilization. I love this culture, language and people.


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