Me paresire to rema – Vassilis Tsitsanis, Haroula Lambraki

The unique Greek composer Vassilis Tsitsanis and Haroula Lambraki, a well known Greek singer, sing Me paresire to rema, a Greek song that means “The stream carried me away”.

The song is written by Vassilis Tsitsanis himself and is considered one of the most known and popular Rebetika songs, one of the best ever. The interesting part about the song is that its title stayed as a sort of  tagline among the Greeks, who use it when they want to say that they lost control of their life. As with all rebetika songs, love, pain or “sekleti” as the Greeks call the pain and knot of the heart, is a common theme here as well.

When it comes to rebetika songs though, it’s not really about the lyrics, but mostly about the expression of the sevdah and sorrow of the soul. Tsitsanis wrote a catchy song, which manages to speak to the hearts of the Greeks directly, communicating its message simply but intensely.

Me paresire to rema is a zeibekiko song as well, (although its rhythm is faster than usually) inviting those who feel the same love and pain in the heart to express it through a manful and stout dance.

Lyrics: Vassilis Tsitsanis
Music:  Vassilis Tsitsanis
Performed by: Vassilis Tsitsanis and Haroula Lambraki

Me paresire to rema 

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