Mia Ellada Fos – Konstantina

Konstantina sings Mia Ellada Fos, a lovely Greek song which translates to “Greece full of light”.

Mia Ellada fos is a rhythmic and very touching song about our beautiful country.

A friend reminded me this song recently, trying to tell me that despite everything that is going on here today, Greece is still one of the most beautiful and hospitable countries in the world. Indeed, listening to this song, you cannot help it but fall in love with the natural beauties and the sweetness of the country, its smells and images, the history and the culture once born here.

Does it sound a little bit nationalistic? It could be, but there is nothing wrong with talking about things that most of us consider realistic – who doesn’t feel rejuvenated when breathing the refreshing wind of the islands or the alluring scent of Cyprus?

Mia Ellada fos is a song that glorifies the beauties of Greece; it’s not bad to remember from times to times that we have a gorgeous country and that it is our duty to love and protect it. Maybe then we will stop violating it…

Mia Ellada Fos 

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