Mia kardia gia senane – Filippos Nikolaou

Filippos Nikolaou sings Mia kardia gia senane, a Greek love song which translates to “a heart for you” in English.

The song mia kardia gia senane refers to a broken heart, who has found healing in the hands of a new person.

Not many people have been lucky enough to have a new, caring person in their life when getting out of a tormented relationship, where they had to face so many problems, and most importantly their heart broken.

Sometimes, the most important thing is to find someone who will care enough to take care of you, not because he feels sorry for you, but because his heart beats happily for you. A new love can be the best thing that might come to your life after the end of a previous relationship.

Of course, these things are not easy; it all depends on the feelings and the truth of that relationship. Not all people are ready to enter a new relationship, if the previous one was meaningful, and if they had true feelings about it.

The point is, if we have the power to see that when a relationship ends life doesn’t end – at least not necessarily! We need to try to find the new reason to survive and move on, maybe allowing someone to help you within the hard moments…

“The smile that he stole from you
I will catch it up
to make it like sun
to come out on your lips”

sings Filippos Nikolaou in Mia kardia gia senane. Maybe that can be all you need sometimes…

Mia kardia gia senane 

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