Mou ‘takses taksidi na me pas – Dimitra Galani

Dimitra Galani sings Mou ‘takses taksidi na me pas, a Greek song which translates to You promised me to take me on a journey in English. It is a song written by Sotia Tsotou and Hristos Nikolopoulos.

Mou ‘takses taksidi na me pas is a love song, so tender and nice that it brings you tears to the eyes. Galani’s voice is also ideal for the song, denoting the meaning and true essence of love. “You promised me to take me on a journey as far as the end of the world.
Where else, my heart, can you take me?
I went to heaven and that’s enough”

Sometimes it is amazing how some simple words can contain and communicate the meaning of love so successfully. We need to remember though that love is simple in its essence, and the only things needed are a way to express what we feel to our precious one, since these feelings need to be shared and spoken.

A person who is in love is happy and feels as if he is in heaven. What more to ask than that really? No matter how many things someone wants to give us, all we need is love, since that can help us fix everything, and can make us feel relaxed, safe and happy regardless of everything that is maybe wrong around us.

Mou 'takses taksidi na me pas 

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