Mpikan stin poli oi ohtroi – Nikos Xilouris

Nikos Xilouris sings the song Mpikan stin poli oi ohtroi, a famous Greek song that was released during a sensitive period in Greece, in 1971, during the Greek junta. Mpikan stin poli oi ohtroi is translated to “The enemies entered the city”.

The lyrics of the song were written by Giorgos Skourtis for his piece “The Musicians” directed by Karolos Koun. The period was rather controversial at the time, so when the song  Mpikan stin poli oi ohtroi was released there was a huge effort to stop the release of the song. There was a tendency to stop and censor all possible songs that would criticize the status quo and the new regime. Mpikan stin poli oi ohtroi was a political song, a song about the modern times and the – then – current situation.

The song Mpikan stin poli oi ohtroi is actually a song that could be adjusted to any current situation. It refers to the enemies, any enemies people might have: financial difficulties, drugs, wars…anything that threatens our life and becomes our enemy.

However, the song has a rather optimistic point of view to show. Regardless of the attack, the hostility, people find the courage to resist, to return to the things they like and love: “and we were shouting long live, hurrah like everyday”. The song is a lesson for life; resisting to the difficulties, to anything that wants to keep us behind, our optimism and desire for life are the most important weapons we have.

Nikos Xilouris sings another influential and highly political Greek song composed by Yannis Markopoulos.

Mpikan stin poli oi ohtroi 

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  1. “Tragoudia tis fotias”. This is a film about a great concert held in early autumn in 1974.

    It took me some time and effort but finally a have got this film on a DVD. I watched the film several times, I know most of the names but I can not identify a young lady.

    When Nikos Xilouris was singing “Mpikan Stin Poli Oxthroi” there was a young lady in white dress and stoli and was singing together with Nikos. You can see this here:

    Would you help me and tell me, the name of is this girl?

    many thanks

    János (sounds like Yaanosh)


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