Na eisai ekei – Michalis Hatzigiannis

Michalis  Hatzigiannis sings “Na eisai Ekei” a Greek song which means “Be there” in English. Na eisai ekei is a love song, even though love seems to be distant and gone.

This is what makes love so unique; some times we don’t even need to be with someone in order to feel its strength and intensity. That significant one can illuminate our lives, and make a huge difference even if not always present in our life.  He feel the need to sing to our love “Be there , always in my life,to light its lights, even if you don’t live it with me”.. It’s important to know that love can live despite of everything.

A non shared love will inevitably change, as love is by default a feeling to share, a way to live, but love always stays in the heart of those who truly felt it. Michalis Hatzigiannis sings “Be there” with a subtle entreaty, as the need for the beloved one is huge.

Na eisai ekei 

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