Ola se thimizoun – Haris Alexiou

Ola se thimizoun – One of the most influential and popular Greek songs, with Haris Alexiou. The song is translated “Everything reminds me of you” in English.

If you have ever found yourself in one – hopefully more than one – concert with Haris Alexiou, you know that it cannot be completed without Ola Se Thymizoun. It’s probably the most associated song with her and for many good reasons.

Her good buddy, Manos Loizos wrote this song for Haroula in 1979, and ever since this song is a reminiscent of  the great Greek Composer who left us early, and one of the most thrilling moments in every live appearance of Haroula. It’s amazing how every single time you can see Haroula being quite overwhelmed when singing this song, a fact that is reflected to her audience right away. We won’t talk that much about the original recording, because back then, the song was a great song – today, it’s a myth.

Many singers have sung this song all these years, but allow me to say that i don’t think that anyone can get even close to Alexiou’s performance, passion and warmth when singing this song. Is it the personal involvement, the known ability of Alexiou to perform from her heart, it cannot be told really; but the result is one of the most touching and emotional songs and one of the most engaging moments – as you can see in this video from Haroula’s tribute to Loizos a couple of years ago.

Ola se thimizoun 

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