Pano Apo Ola – Myronas Stratis

Myronas Stratis sings Pano Apo Ola, a Greek song which translates to “More than anything” in English. Myronas Stratis is a new singer, a young man who has managed to impress with his vocal abilities but also his performances, as he is pretty dynamic and vivid on stage.

Pano Apo Ola is a love song referring in simple but effective words to what we all think of and desire: ” more than anything I want you to want me”. What else can someone say when he wants to savor life and live it with whom he wants, with the person he has chosen to spend and share his moments? And since life is short and goes away with the speed of light, what is important is now – who knows for later? And at the end of the day why is future important, since love refers to now. Wanting to live and share everything with someone else is the biggest gift one can do to himself and the other person.. if both want to live now, the feelings are what matters – without any needless logic or musts.

Pano Apo Ola is a song you should listen in high volume!

Pano Apo Ola 

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