Pio kali i monaksia – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Pio kali i monaksia by Giannis Parios, translated to English.

Pio kali i monaksia – English lyrics

I wish loneliness had color
to paint it on the paper
to make it of the color of sea
and the air of the ocean

To put it sails
for the last trip
little port in the Aegean
(is) Your embrace

Loneliness is better
than you that I cannot reach
once I find you once I lose you
loneliness is better

I wish loneliness was rock
to go up the step
to get lost in oblivion
in order not to see you leaving

And to become smoke
like a cigarette which is finishing
from now on you’ll be alone
and I’ll be alone

Pio kali i monaksia 

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