Pio kali i monaksia – Giannis Parios

Giannis Parios sings Pio kali i monaksia, a Greek song which translates to “Loneliness is better”.

The song Pio kali i monaksia is composed by Haris Varthakouris, the oldest son of Giannis Parios – we remind you that Parios is not the original last name of the famous Greek singer: his real last name is Varthakouris.

The exceptional thing about this song is that Haris Varthakouris was just 10 years old when he composed the music of Pio kali i monaksia, which is considered one of the best songs performed by his father, Giannis Parios. It is a very tender and sentimental song, which sort of cast a shadow on the other songs of the album.

Is loneliness better than the person we love, when we cannot understand it and feel it? Maybe sometimes when we do not know how to deal with problems in our relationship.

However, sometimes it’s good to consider loneliness something good and lucrative, if we do not have another alternative.

Pio kali i monaksia is a must hear song in Greek music, much beloved by people of all ages.

NOTE: Haris Varthakouris followed the career of his famous father and became a composer and a singer later.

Pio kali i monaksia 

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