Poso sou moiazo – Nikos Mihas

Nikos Mihas sings Poso sou moiazo, a Greek song which means “How much I resemble you” in English. It’s a very interesting and gripping love song, written by Nikos Mihas himself, along with Dimitris Fakos.

Poso sou moiazo is a song about true love, about the ones who remain in their relationships, not because they don’t have anything else on the side, but because the truth is there and everything they might want to live can be found only close to the person they love. Opposite from falsity, lies and indifference, love can make the real difference.

This is how we feel when we are in love, when we find the person who is our alter ego, our twin soul; that we resemble to the other person so much, and we do not want to leave his side.

Nikos Mihas is a rock songwriter, very promising and dynamic, with this new song being very popular already.

Lyrics: Dimitris Fakos

Music: Nikos Mihas

Poso sou moiazo – Nikos Mihas – English Lyrics

I passed rivers, lakes and mountains
from the crack of nowhere
i discovered thousands of secrets

and here I am, standing in front of you
spectator, at your feast
i turn off the light of the stage
and now doesnt matter what you say
i don’t go away from you
how much i love you finally
how much i resemble with you when i leave myself in your hands

you are the truth in the falsity that i embrace
I fall like rain to your summer

i lived all the “no” ‘s and “don’t” ‘s in a crazy way
a way that finally brings me here in front of you
let me live in your fairytale
in the chance of telling you how sorry I am
to stop going back in the nowhere, away from you

Poso sou moiazo – Nikos Mihas – Lyrics in Greeklish

Eisai mia alitheia stin psevtia
Pefto vrohi sta kalokairia sou
Perasa potamia, limnes kai vouna
Ap’ ti rogmi tou pouthena
Ematha hilia mistikaKai na ‘mai, edo brosta sou emeina

Mes sti giorti sou theatis
svino ta fota tis skinis
kai tora o,ti kai na peis
de fevgo apo konta sou
Poso s’ agapao telika

Poso sou moiazo otan afinomai sta heria sou
Eisai i alitheia stin psevtia pou agaliazo

Pefto vrohi sta kalokairia sou
Ezisa ola ta ohi kai ta mi se mia treli diadromi
Diadromi pou telika me fernei edo brosta sou
Ase me sto paramithi sou na zo
Signomi mipos kai sou po
Na stamatiso na girno sto pouthena makria sou

Poso sou moiazo – Nikos Mihas – Greek Lyrics

Ποσο σου μοιαζω – Νικος Μιχας – Ελληνικοι Στιχοι

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