Rosa – Dimitris Mitropanos

Dimitris Mitropanos sings Rosa, a Greek song composed by Thanos Mikroutsikos, written by Alkis Alkaios. It is one of the most popular Greek songs sung by Dimitris Mitropanos, marked by his strong and intense voice.

Rosa is a zeibekiko song; is it a love song? Many say yes, but the truth is that it is a song about loss and love, about life in general. It is a political song in its wider notion, as it blends the personal life with the social life of a man, wondering in his life… “I no longer want to learn what we is it we look for..” Is it that sometimes we are all tired of constantly looking for answers, for explanations? Maybe that is how it is..

Dimitris Mitropanos joined forces with Alkaios and Mikroutsikos, creating one of the most powerful Greek songs – along with Ladadika, some of his greatest songs from the same album, released in mid 90s.


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