Se thelo edo – Galani, Karadimos

Dimitra Galani and Giorgos Karadimos sing Se thelo edo, a Greek song which translates to “I want you here”.  It is the Greek version of the song “Vivo per lei” ( I live for her) sung by Andrea Bocelli και Helene Segara in Italian. The Greek lyrics of song are written by Nikos Moraitis.

Se thelo edo is a lovely love song, expressing the need of all people who are in love: “I want you here so I can Own all that I live” .. what can be more important than sharing everytηing with the person you love? The pain, the sorrow, haπpinness and joy, smaller or not have to be shared because this is what love and relationship is all about. I want you here so I can Have a man of my own”.. words simple and truthful, as is the communication between two people who are in love.

Dimitra Galani and Giorgos Karadimos sing with such sensitivity and tenderness the song Se thelo edo inspiring everyone who cannot be without having his partner “here”, wherever this “here” may be.

Se thelo edo 

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