Sinnefa tou gialou – Giannis Haroulis

Giannis Haroulis sings a Greek song named Sinnefa tou Gialou, which means “clouds of the sea”. It is a lovely rhythmic song, a love song which uses images and examples from the Greek reality and ambiance to explain and describe feelings and thoughts.

The words i want to rig clouds of the sea are very common in the Greek music and Greek songs, because they can explain in a very distinctive way how Greeks see parts of their relationships, always compared or parallelized with their natural habitat.

Giannis Haroulis is a Cretan songwriter and singer, a very talented man, who has managed to make Cretan music quite popular in other parts of the country as well, composing and singing traditional songs and modern songs following the Cretan rhythm blending tradition and modern sounds in a very harmonious and melodious way. This song is not a Cretan song though.

Sinnefa tou gialou 

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