Skoni kai thrypsala – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Skoni kai thrypsala by Stefanos Korkolis translated to English

Skoni kai thrypsala – English lyrics

Now what do you want me to say?
Don’t push me, I can’t
You know it all, what do you want
you found me like that, why keep talking?
If you get lost, I won’t
after all this I’ll be alive
if it’s your fault, it’s my fault too
i’ll never be able to find a solution.

Don’t tell me suspicious words
something will happen and you’ll cry
i know the rules of silence
if you search a bit you’ll find it.
Three months passion and then
brake pulled and time stops,
your love goes down to zero
and memories there to burn.

With you I’ll be turning into dust and pieces
but remember all yo’ve forgottern, rememeber,
how much you took from me and lost remember
always on the same route you’ll be leaving and then
dust and pieces all my life.

I”ll increase the tension in the plot
this seems unfair to you
but there’s many going on
as the end is near
All this is selfishness
separation, with one word,
you’re not gonna change me, you”ll see,
don’t say you can, you cannot.

Skoni kai thrypsala 

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