Spase to hrono – English Lyrics

The lyrics of the song Spase to hrono by Sakis Rouvas translated to English:

Music, Lyrics: Dimitris Kontopoulos
Performed by Sakis Rouvas

Spase to hrono – Sakis Rouvas – English Lyrics

I want you to tell me you can
find all you didn’t find in others
i want you not to be afraid when with me
kiss me

I want everything for us
i want you to be smiling at mistakes
i want you not to stop at nights
Charm me

Break the time,
get out of the road,
light the fire
say my name,
and come close to me,
everything in one night
don’t believe words and thoughts,
just believe the heart
come with me – don’t stop

Only for a moment look at me
and my whole soul will scream to you
let’s go now, now for a lifetime

Embrace me, at the end i’ll be there
scream to me
let’s go now, in one moment

I want you to say you can
to overcome the time of earth
i want you to fell deeply in love with me
touch me

I want you to see us in the future
i want you to say to everybody you’re flying
i want you not to stop at nights
drive me crazy

Spase to hrono 

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