Sta limania – English Lyrics

The lyrics of the song Sta limania by Natasha Theodoridou translated to English

Music: Evanthia Remboutsika
Lyrics: Tassos Boulmetis
Performance: Natasha Theodoridou

Sta limania – English Lyrics

Tell me what you are looking for
At the stations you have loved
No matter what they tell you
The compasses always show north

If you won’t be betrayed
From the traces you have left behind
You won’t be relieved
If you keep coming back to the haunts of sore

The fumes at the train rails
Show you yesterday, want it or not
At the ports, the lighthouse flashes
Have built fires, oh don’t cry

If you will be lost again
At the neighborhood of your heart
Somewhere close by
A drunken shadow is waiting

A sweet balsam
I will be by your side
A thirsty map
Wanting to drink the ink of your route

Sta limania 

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