Sti leoforo tis agapis – Michalis Hatzigiannis

Michalis Hatzigiannis sings the song Sti leoforo tis agapis,  a Greek song which means On the boulevard of love, in English. The song Sti leoforo tis agapis is one of the most popular love songs, first heard during the 80s by Giannis Parios.

This song named the album released in 1987 by a great Greek Cypriot composer, Marios Tokas, and included many popular songs, such as Eksartatai with Haris Alexiou, Zilevo with Giannis Parios, Opoio dromo kai na paro, with Dimitra Galani.

The song Sti Leoforo tis Agapis is heard here in a new version by Michalis Hatzigiannis, reminding us how much these lyrics touched us in the first place. Along with the sensitive and emotional music composed by Marios Tokas, we are ready to sing about the great love, our great love.

Sti leoforo tis agapis 

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