Misirlou – Glikeria

Glikeria sings Misirlou, one of the most known Greek songs. Misirlou is a name, thus, cannot be translated. Misirlou is an Egyptian woman, a woman from the “magic East”, ¬†who enchants a man of different religion and culture. This cross … Read more

Gianni mou to mantili sou – Glikeria

Glikeria sings Gianni mou to mantili sou, a Greek song which means “My John your handkerchief”. This is a traditional Greek song from Epirus and we post it here as part of the tribute to name Giannis, celebrating his nameday … Read more

Sti magemeni Arapia – Glikeria

Glikeria sings Sti magemeni Arapia, a Greek song which means “In the magic Arabia”. The song is one of the known rebetika songs, written by the important Greek Composer Giorgos Mitsakis. Rebetika songs have always been dealing with themes related … Read more

Oti agapo einai diko sou – Glikeria

Oti agapo einai diko sou sings Glikeria, a Greek song that in English means “Everything I love belongs to you”. It’s a love song with wonderful lyrics that touch your soul right away, because they refer to feelings we have … Read more