Greek music for Christmas and New Year

Although Greek music covers a wide range of genres, Greek music for Christmas and the New Year is not as popular as expected. Most of the songs heard during the Christmas period – including the New Year and other smaller … Read more

Greek Christmas Carols – Kalin Esperan Arhontes

Greek Christmas Carols are sung on the Eve of Christmas, the 24th of December, according to the tradition of the Greeks. The lyrics of the several different Greek carol songs in Greek music and tradition are different, since we also … Read more

Greek Christmas Carols, rebetiko style

Giannis Kotsiras sings Kalanta Hristougenon, which means “Christmas Carols” in English. The interesting thing about the version we hear here, is that these carols are indeed the traditional Greek Christmas carols sung on Christmas Eve in Greece, but they are … Read more

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