Ta Christougenna choris esena – Lampis Livieratos

Lampis Livieratos sings ” Ta Christougenna choris esena“, a Greek song for Christmas, which translates to ” Christmas without you” in English.

Ta Christougenna choris esena is a love song for these holy days, when the feelings and emotions are more intense, and an absence can be more evident than ever.

Ta Christougenna choris esena is a somewhat melancholic song, because it refers to what we usually miss the most during these days: love and our significant other.

Most people say that loneliness is much worse during Christmas, because this is actually the time of the year to share intimate moments; when alone, you simply cannot feel the joy and the void seems deeper and darker.

During Christmas we tend to make our retrospect, and acknoledge the things we miss the most; it’s that time when we simply cannot stand ourself being alone, without the one we love on our side.

Lampis Livieratos is a singer who made a blast during the early 90s and had some really nice songs at the time. Ta Christougenna choris esena is definitely one of them, and although a little sad for the day, we choose this Greek song for Christmas, hoping that this is the last holidays that some people will feel alone and melancholic.


Ta Christougenna choris esena 

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