Teli Teli Teli – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings Teli teli teli, a Greek song which means “Chord by chord”. Teli in Greek is the metal string and the music cord, although the word comes from Asia Minor and the Greek dialect spoken there.

The song Teli Teli Teli is one of the most known and popular songs sung by Haris Alexiou, released in 1979. Music was composed by the great Manos Loizos, one of the personal friends of Alexiou.

Teli Teli Teli is a song belonging to the genre of laika, one of these Greek songs that make you dance to their rhythm. Combined with the perfect voice of Alexiou, who made a blast singing laika songs, the song became upon release a “light” way to express the disapproval for the way people treat each other, the false promises and fake attitudes “False world, You’ve made of me a tatter, I can’t stand you anymore”…

Teli Teli Teli 

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